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We know. This may be new or hard to understand. Down below there is a selection of the FAQ we have being recieving for +20 years

  • How do I install my frosted window decal?
    Don't worry. We do the installation.
  • Does installation require more than one person?
    Tipycally yes, but again that's something we will take care of.
  • How do I clean my decal/lettering?
    Once installed, your decal can be cleaned of dirt or dust buildup by wiping it with a wet rag or cloth. Regular and light cleaning will help keep the decal or lettering looking bright and clear. Use caution when cleaning and avoid applying excessive pressure to any spot on your decal. Failing to do so can lead to permanent scratches in the material.
  • Can I wash my window with the decal or lettering installed?
    Yes, washing your windows should not adversely impact your sign. The only exception to this is using any kind of power washer or spray gun directly on the decal. This can damage the decals adhesive and cause it to fall off the window.Always use caution when washing your window so that you do not scratch or damage your decal.
  • What is the difference between each type of frosted window decal? Which one should I choose?
    You are able to choose from four different types of frosted window decal. All four types are made from the same material, use the same general installation method, and create an etched/frosted appearance for the window they are applied to. The major difference between each type lies in how your chosen design is incorporated into the frosted vinyl material. As for which one you should choose, that is entirely up to your preference and depends on which type you think looks best. Here is a quick breakdown on the distinguishing characteristics for each type: Reverse Cut Vinyl: Your design is cut away from the frosted vinyl material, allowing you to see directly through the decal anywhere you had placed an image, graphic, or text. Standard Cut Vinyl: Your design is cut to exact shape out of the frosted vinyl material. Inside elements of your design that are transparent will be picked/weeded out as well (example - the inside of an “O” is cut out, as opposed to leaving the “O” solid). Printed Frosted: Your design is printed directly onto the surface of the frosted vinyl material using UV ink and an advanced four-color printing process. This allows you to maintain all colors used in your design. Blank Frosted: No design will be printed onto or cut out of the frosted vinyl material, leaving a blank sheet of frosted vinyl material.
  • Do you offer frosted lettering?
    Yes. Frosted lettering is simply another term for our Standard Cut Vinyl option, meaning they are one and the same thing. We refrain from referring to it as frosted lettering due to the ability to create more than just lettering. With Standard Cut Vinyl you can also create logos, unique shapes, and various other designs. If, however, you want to stick with just lettering you are perfectly fine to do so.
  • With frosted lettering, will all of my individual letters/design elements be placed on the same sheet of transfer tape?"
    In most cases, the individual letters contained within your frosted lettering will be appropriately spaced and placed on a single sheet of transfer tape, making installation quick and simple. However, if your frosted lettering exceeds 48" (for colors black and white) or 24" (for all other colors) in both width and height, your lettering will be split and placed onto two sheets of transfer tape. You will also receive your frosted lettering in multiple sheets if you are using three or more different colors. In this case, each separate color will be grouped together on its own sheet.
  • What material is your frosted window decal made out of?
    Frosted window decals and lettering are made from an adhesive material called etched glass that is roughly .002” thick. The decal comes with a clear backer that can be peeled away to reveal the adhesive. Reverse cut vinyl and standard cut vinyl types will also come with a layer of transfer tape placed over the top of the decal, allowing for a simple, all-in-one installation.
  • How does color look when it’s printed on the frosted decal?
    Printed Frosted - Due the nature of the material, the printed color (as well as the areas that are left unprinted) will print translucent, allowing some light and shadow through. Reverse Cut Vinyl & Standard Cut Vinyl - Your design will be cut instead of printed and will not have any color aside from the frosted material. Blank Frosted - No design will be printed or cut, leaving a solid frosted color.
  • Am I able to order a blank sheet of frosted vinyl material?
    Yes. If you are interested in ordering a blank sheet of frosted vinyl material, all you need to do is select the option above and be sure not to add any design elements to your decal when in the design tool.
  • What is the lifespan of your frosted window decals?
    With proper placement and care our frosted window decals will last for five or more years in an interior application. For an exterior application, depending on the amount of exposure to the elements and other considerations, the lifespan is three or more years.
  • Will the decal or lettering damage or ruin my window?
    No. While the decal does have a strong adhesive, they are easy to remove. Generally, they peel right off. Sometimes when the decals are removed, they leave adhesive residue on the window. Residue can be removed using cleaning solution and/or a razor blade.
  • What are frosted window decals and frosted lettering typically used for?
    Frosted window decals and lettering are used most commonly in businesses and homes as a way to add privacy and a decorative element to some windows. Business uses include in conference or meeting rooms, as a partition for a reception area, or a decorative, unique way to display business hours or logos. Home uses include using the decal for privacy in bathrooms or bedrooms or as window decorative elements.
  • Will the decal impact the transparency of my window/storefront?
    Yes, the frosted decal is made to create a frosted, translucent look. It will lower the transparency of the window/storefront, although it will not block out all light. Use translucent frosted decals to create an interesting visual. Alternatively, clear decals allow light through where there is no printed design. Opaque decals allow for no light to get through. Alternatively, one-way visibility is achievable using a perforated decal, which allows someone to see out of the window, but no one to see in. A more detailed explanation of the differences and advantages/disadvantages of these decals can be found here: Window Decals.
  • Can the decal or lettering be used only on a glass surface?
    Without a doubt the decals and lettering are best when used on a glass surface as this is what they are designed for. Generally speaking they will work on similar smooth surfaces such as glass substitutes and some plastics. Surfaces that will not work include concrete of any type, textured surfaces and drywall amongst others.

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